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See below for a short, helpful explanation on ceiling mounted gym goals, with graphics examples of different basketball goal systems offered.
Gared 3107 Forward Fold Front Braced Backstop
Ceiling Mounted Backstop SC
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Gared 3107 Goal
Ceiling Mounted Goals NC
Mooresville, North Carolina
         *  Safe straps for retractable backstops;
         *  Backboard type and size;
         *  Choice of basketball rims;
         *  Bolt-on vs. glue-on backboard edge pads.

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III -- Backboard Stationary vs. Backboard Height Adjustable
Both electric winches and manual winches are available for folding gymnasium basketball backstops.  The vast majority of users today use electric winches with retractable basketball goal systems.  Manual winches are a viable and time-tested option, however, when budget conservation is a critical factor.  Call Steve Bryson at (865) 898-5429, or fill out our contact form, for ordering and further information.
Retractable (folding) ceiling mounted basketball goals provide more flexibility for your facility.  Folding backstops are designed for installation in areas where less obstructed visibility is at times needed.  Prime locations for retractable gymnasium goals are in front of stage areas, bleacher sections or any area where one would want to retract the basketball backstop to diminish the "feel" of the facility as a gymnasium during other activities (e.g., wedding receptions; assemblies or other events).

Retractable ceiling mounted goals typically are either forward folding or rear folding and are designed as either front braced or rear braced.  (Side fold backstop systems are also available, although rarely requested.)  Retractable ceiling mounted backstops come in the following fold/brace combinations:

         a)  Forward folding front braced;
         b)  Forward folding rear braced;
         c)  Rear folding rear braced. and
         d)  Side folding side braced.

Contact Steve Bryson at (865) 898-5429 for more information on retractable ceiling mounted goals, or fill out our contact form.
II -- Stationary vs. Retractable (Folding) Gym Basketball Goals

Stationary (non folding) ceiling suspended basketball goals typically are installed where there is no need to retract the backstop to accommodate other gymnasium activities.  In addition, stationary ceiling mounted goals are the smart value choice when budget is a driving concern.  Stationary backstops can be fitted with backboard height adjusters for youth league play such as Upward (TM) Basketball.

Stationary ceiling mounted basketball goals are available in rear braced and wall braced designs.

Call Steve Bryson at (865) 898-5429 for more information on stationary ceiling mount goals.
The majority of today's new ceiling mounted goals are single mast systems.  Double mast backstops, however, are readily available -- the choice is yours.  In many cases, the choice between single mast and double mast comes down to personal visual preference.  Contact Steve Bryson at (865) 898-5429 for more information on commercial indoor basketball goals, or fill out our contact form.
I -- Single Mast vs. Double Mast Gym Basketball Goals
Gym Ceiling Mounted Basketball Goal Systems (Gared Single Mast Models Shown)

It's easiest to think of ceiling mounted indoor basketball goals in the following dimensions:

I)  Single mast ("single drop" or "single post") backstops vs. double mast ("double drop" or "double post") backstops (see below);

II)  Stationary backstops vs. retractable (folding) backstops (see below); and

III)  Backboard stationary (rim height set at 10 ft.) vs. backboard height adjustable (rim height adjustable from 10-8 ft.).

Call Steve Bryson at (865) 898-5429, or complete our contact form, for further assistance and ordering information on ceiling mounted goals.
Madison, Tennessee
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Decatur, Alabama
Double Mast Backstop
Single Mast Backstop
Double Mast Backstop
Gared 3111 Goal
Gared 3115 Goal
Gared 3111 Stationary Rear Braced Backstop
Gared 3115 Stationary Wall Braced Backstop
Gared 3103 Goal
Gared 3105 Goal
Gared 3103 Forward Fold Rear Braced Backstop
Gared 3105 Rear Fold Rear Braced Backstop
Gared 3109 Goal
Gared 3109 Side Fold Side Braced Backstop
Bent tip retractable gymnasium goals also are available at (865) 898-5429:
Gared 3207 Goal
Gared 3207 Bent Tip Forward Fold Front Braced Backstop
Gared 3205 Goal
Gared 3205 Bent Tip Rear Fold Rear Braced Backstop
Gared 3209 Goal
Gared 3209 Bent Tip Side Fold Side Braced Backstop
Gared 3305 Goal
Basketball backboard height adjusters are practically a must for youth basketball league play such as Upward (TM) Basketball.  Basketball backboard height adjusters are installed between the backboard and the mast so that the user can raise and lower the basketball rim height between 10 feet and eight feet.  Although the vast majority of today's basketball height adjusters are manual models, electric basketball height adjusters are also available.  Call Steve Bryson at (865) 898-5429 for more information, or fill out our contact form.
Gared Height Adjuster Positions
Gared Manual Height Adjuster
Additional Basketball Backstop Components to Consider:
Gared Height Adjuster